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Life is touch.
Über mich

Jochen Meesenburg


Most of my professional life I spent working solely with my head. That was great, challenged my creativity and was very beneficial in many ways.

Slowly over time I began to lack something that I sensed was not to be found in intellectual activities. So I started yoga and self-awareness, became more interested in spiritual topics, learned QiGong and Taij Chi and Jin Shin Jyutsu. Gradually, my interest in healing grew in a holistic sense - as did my enthusiasm for the massage.

The InTouch massage calls for my long-missed hand-work - and its integral approach also allows me to contribute my other interests.

For me, giving a massage has qualities of meditation: It requires my full attention and presence, it is always a lesson in mindfulness - and usually leaves me with a smile on my face.

Meine Massage

My Massage

We live in a touch-poor world. In doing so, we lose not only the contact to the other, but also to ourselves. Because touch means connection - of heart and head, body and soul, giver and taker. It connects us again with our own vitality. The compassionate massage goes beyond mere technique, it is also an act of deep listening with hands, heart and stomach. It dissolves restlessness and stress, brings our energies back to flow and can flow through us with happiness. It makes us feel well again.

My massage draws from a wide repertoire and combines elements from different traditions and teachings, including:


- Classic massage

- deep massage

- Esalen massage 

- Pregnancy massage (pre and postnatal)

- Reflexology

- Traditional Thai massage

- Sports massage

- Energy massage

- Hawaiian massage

I do not massage for the treatment of diseases. I do not make any medical diagnoses and do not treat illnesses.


All massages take place in the Handwerkerhof Ottensen - or by appointment.


What others say

I think that was the best massage I've ever had!

— S. (m) im September 2021


My offer

30 Min


You have shoulder and neck pain - but only have time during your lunch break? Or you just want to give your legs a rest after the last workout? Then even half an hour can be a real bliss!

30 min


Let yourself be touched and enjoy a soothing body experience - as a partial massage for individual body segments or as a massage of your whole body!

60 Min
Segment-or full body-massage


Für eine Ganzkörper-massage lassen 90 Minuten mehr Raum für intensivere und tiefere Berührungen

90 min

Full body-massage


For a full-body massage, 90 minutes leave more room for deeper touches and more intense experience

... for example:

Hawaii massage with two or four hands

Mobile massages in companies

Other massages by appointment



Jochen Meesenburg

Mobile: 0177 433 23 79

via E-Mail:

Danke für's Einreichen!


Bahrenfelder Str. 321

22765 Hamburg

  • S-Bahn Altona, about  15 min walk

  • Bus 2, 150, 283, Stop "Friedensallee", about 8 min walk
    (Please note: The stop "Gaußstraße" is not being served temporarily due to roadworks!)

  • By car, Car park Gaußstr. 148 (24 Std), about 5 min walk

  • By bike!


I recommend ..

Even more massages!

A versatile and experienced colleague gives, among other things, InTouch massages in Hamburg-Bergedorf

BREMEN - there are also InTouch massages here - and more!

Massage training

Here you will find what you are looking for in the search for other qualified massage therapists in Germany.
And if you feel like learning to massage yourself, you've come to the right place!

Workplace health and fitness  

If you work in a company that supports company health care with "machtfit", you can also book a massage with me through machtfit! 

With the right membership at urban sports club, you can book 30 minutes - or treat yourself to a full 60-minute massage for a small surcharge!


With the right membership at urban sports club, you can book 30 minutes - or treat yourself to a full 60-minute massage for a small surcharge!


I find Susan to be very approachable, empathetic and goal-oriented in coaching - and I'm looking forward to "better problems" (Susan quote), instead of my old, now boring problems, which I was able to successfully work on and solve with Susan's help! Thank you, Susan!

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